Wednesday 27 March 2013

Lunch anyone?

It has come to my attention that I am now a mother that "does lunch".

That's if the last couple of days are anything to go by.

My pal Mrs C and I have had a long standing tradition of coke, cake and conversation on a Tuesday morning.  However with the rising cost of cake...we have decided that lunch would be a better alternative.  Besides given all the problems of the world that we solve each week...we really need the extra time that a full meal presents.

So we have taken to meeting at a local Chinese restaurant...which we will call Noodle Express....because that is what it is called.  Now we enjoy coke, Chinese and a chat.

I am currently on a mission to eat my way through their entire lunchtime dish at a week at a time.

My beef and black bean had barely had a chance to digest when I realised it was Wednesday.

On Wednesday...once a month....I "lunch with the girls".  Just so happens this Wednesday was the that meant another trip to order to eat more food and solve more problems!  It was at the Leagues I had what everyone should have at the Leagues Club.....a chicken Schnitty and chips.

The floors might be getting filthier.....the pile of dirty laundry higher.....the bathrooms grottier....and the dusting dustier.....but I'm a "socialite"....and lunch doesn't stop for anything!!!

Anyone free tomorrow....around noon???


  1. grab a cheap flight north jo and I`ll shout you a schnitty!...hell I`ll even throw in a pepsi max! x