Friday 7 June 2013

If it looks like a duck ... and quacks like a duck ...

Once upon a time ...  a long time ago ... I got a bee in my bonnet about wanting some flying geese.

This was long before all things retro were cool again ... there was just something about flying geese or ducks or whatever they are that I really, really liked.

So over the years I have sporadically looked for a set ... watching them on eBay ... even bidding unsuccessfully at times.  They always seemed to end up going for way more than I wanted to spend.

Then a few weekends ago ... Hubby and I went for a little drive and ended up at Long Jetty.

As we were driving down the Main Street I spied a shop I had never noticed before called of all things ... "Retro Bug".  So we stopped ... as you do.

We wandered through ... did the usual ... "ooh, remember these",  "I wonder what happened to Granny's set of these" etc etc.

Then on my second circuit ... just moments before I exited at stage left ... I spied something sitting at the back of one of the shelves. My heart began to beat a little faster.  I checked the price tag ... and my heart beat a little faster still.

Now I'm no expert and I don't know if they are original or not ... they are unmarked which probably means they aren't.

They weren't cheap, cheap, cheap (or even quack, quack, quack) ... like we would like our second hand finds to be.  I would have loved to tell you I snapped them up for a fiver.  But I'd be lying ... they were $39 and I didn't even haggle ... probably because I don't know how ... and I didn't want anyone else to notice what I was buying and swoop in offering top dollar for them.

Too many times I have seen the bidding on such things soar beyond my reach ... so you know what ...  I just bought them.

I've probably hung them in the wrong order ... there's bound to be a correct way to do it ... but too bad ... they're up and I'm quackers for them!


  1. hi JO...anythings a bargain if you love it!. we just became the new owners of two church pews!...yep two. have wanted one for an age but always crazy overpriced. so we bid on two at a silent auction...and we won both for $80.00....sometimes things are just waiting to come home with you....yeah yeah they will match all my jesus`s....maybe I should start my own religion?! can be my first convert! x

    1. HALLELUJAH!!!
      $80 for one would have been a bargain ... $80 for 2 is ridiculous ... there is definitely a higher power watching over you whenever you go shopping ;0)