Thursday 14 February 2013

Will you be my Valentine?

Now you would really have to travel far and wide to find anyone less romantic than me.

I am cynical and unsentimental....and Hubby despairs of me.

But in a shocking turn of events...on this the official day of love (or the official day of commercial hype in the guise of romance)....I have written an ode to my Sweetheart....

It's many years since I went to work,
And you were there...the new mail boy clerk.
You asked me out and I said "No",
But you kept on giving it another go.

You thought you were a real smooth talker,
I just thought....."what a creepy stalker".
You persevered till my resistance was low,
Then you moved on in for the final blow.

You asked again...sensing victory,
And the rest as they say is history.
And now it's been so many years,
With ups and downs, fun and tears.

You drive me mad...send me half insane,
You snore just like an old steam train.
At times you're stubborn as a mule,
and you often act like a total tool.

Your lack of logic can astound,
You act before you think I've found.
Your handyman skills aren't up to par,
But your pride insists we pretend they are.

When you're in a mood you are hardly endearing,
And you suffer severely from selective hearing.
But listen now....I'll say it clearly,
Despite all of that I love you dearly.

Happy Valentines Day!

By Me

Way, way back in the day


  1. Lovely! Do I win a prize for guessing correctly what's happening at your place tonight? ;-)

    1. Nagging the kids to do their homework....washing dirty dishes....taking out the garbage....take your pick ;0P

  2. Hmmm . . . not quite what I was thinking . . . !!

    1. LOL....whatever could you be thinking......I thought THAT was only something you did on your birthday ;0)

  3. lol I love this sooo the ultimate anti-love fest but this has actually got me "awwwing"....and yep that's your baby daddy all right...dead ringers!! (not that I doubted or anything...god I hope that doesn't start trouble!)
    Happy late V day
    Allison x

    1. LOL...we could start a rumour about the milkman...except we don't have one :)
      That's definitely my romancing over and done with for at least another year.