Saturday 21 November 2015

A picture's worth 1000 words … week 47 ...

A photo a day … every day … in 2015.

Day 319:  Just a random and unexciting shot from lunch with the in-laws.

Day 320:  Someone requested a facial … what next … bikini wax???

Day 321:  Number One Son got offered an early acceptance into University … and we're very proud parents.  
This seems like the perfect moment to dramatically reveal his real name to the blogging world … bet you never guessed that one ;0)

Day 322:  It was our 20th Wedding Anniversary today!!  Apparently the traditional gift for 20 years … besides a pardon for time served … is china.  So I scored this little Royal Albert teapot … lucky me :0)

Day 323:  It was his Year 12 / End of School / Graduation Formal today … and he scrubs up OK!

Day 324:  My lunchtime view today… could be worse.

Day 325:  My bags are packed … I'm ready to go.
We're off on holidays … see you on the flip side ;0)


  1. I dare you to offer him a bikini wax!!! Oscar is a very cool name, goes with the very cool kid that he is. Congrats to him and you on the University acceptance. Oh and congrats to you on SURVIVING 20 years!!! You so deserved the tea pot, a medal, a statue in your garden and a holiday!!

  2. I love the name Oscar. Our - I mean - your little baby is growing up. I've seen so many photos of these adorable boys that I almost started to believe that they are mine. Congrats folks!

  3. Congrats to Oscar, no doubt the facial was requested before the school formal? Boys today are so metrosexual....and all that hugging they do, yuk....but whatevs. Luvverly view of Sydders. Enjoy your holidays.

  4. Lots of things to celebrate here, Jo - well done to Oscar, happy anniversary, have a great trip, and wow, what a view! xxx

  5. Have a lovely break! Now is the time you will be thinking about whether you will continue the photo series for another year?
    Hello Oscar. Congrats on the graduation!
    Congrats Jo on twenty years. A measly teapot? Albeit a lovely one.
    I need to sit and stare at that view for a bit!
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  6. Wow that offer is certainly one to be celebrating....and taking a holiday is the perfect way to do it....did you join the young ins for leavers???