Sunday 30 August 2015

A picture's worth 1000 words … week 35 ...

A photo a day … every day … in 2015.

Day 235:  Smile Buster.

Day 236:  Another painting done and dusted.

Day 237:  As free as a bird.

Day 238:  My sister requested a portrait of our dear Dad … her wish is my command.

Day 239:  Profile picture photo shoot.

Day 240:  Surfs up.

Day 241:  The very moment he applied for University.


  1. Wow, your boys don't half look like your dear Dad! marvellous art, cute doggie, handsome chaps. xxx

  2. Will you look at the shine on that apple!

  3. Buster is smiling on the inside, I recognise that look!! Love the sons hair cut, and fingers crossed for the university application. Your painting is superb, you really are a very talented lady. Is the surfer your husband?

  4. Oh good lord, university applications? How did that happen?!
    Buster is a star, Boy the Younger has one cool hair cut, and your paintings are fabulous. xxx

  5. Good luck with the uni application, how exciting! Your work is fantastic Jo, love that apple and that you make time to paint. Hope you're well xx

  6. Wow uni days indeed. xxxx