Wednesday 18 March 2015

Better late than never ...

No one can ever accuse me of being bang on trend … in fact I'm generally a little late to the party … that's if I ever arrive at all.

I didn't own a computer until long after EVERYONE owned a computer.

I stuck with my dumb phone for years after everyone else had a smart phone.

I thought One Direction was a road sign until just recently.

I still haven't a clue about this thing they call Twitter.

But every now and then I discover something … that everyone else already knows about.

Yesterday I was at the shops with Master 17 when he insisted on popping this thing into the trolley.

Everyone in Australia had one of these in their homes in the late nineties … it was the faddiest of fads … and I refused to entertain the idea of having one for even a moment.

Until yesterday, when number one Son slipped it into the trolley and insisted "I must get it … besides it's only $4".  It was actually $4.50 but I won't split hairs.

"What a load of junk … do you think I've got money to waste on such crap … I can't believe you insisted on getting this … do you think I walked 152 miles to school in the snow just so you could have one of these … blah, blah blah"

And then I put it on my head.

My head massager and I are spending a quiet day at home together today.  I might put on some romantic music … I've heard there's a new fangled thing around called a CD.


  1. Oh Jo. You are hysterical. But yeah. It does feel good. In fact, my little Pancake just loves it. Try it on Buddy!

    1. I mean BUSTER!! I really must learn not to drink wine and comment. Sheesh. My apologies.

  2. But back in the nineties, didn't they call it an 'orgasmitron' or something like that? Hmmm - looking again at the photo of you here - well, nuff said, I think . . .

  3. I have one of those, not sure if I look like that when I use it but I do understand you spending the day home with it. You are a good laugh Jo, brilliant photo at the end. Do you have Face Book? If so, perfect profile picture right there. If not, then do so, it has been around long enough for you to safely join in!!

  4. That's the weirdest hair accessory I've ever seen!
    These are in Poundland at the moment, I've never tried one. I'm tempted now. x

  5. I can feel it now and I don't even own one! Might be a good idea for my achey head.
    Love your ecstasy photo! How to have a good time without drugs :-) xo Jazzy Jack

  6. Oh Jo! I love it! and the hair massager! I've got one too, it deserves romantic music, those things are genius x x x

  7. You could have been describing me there. Never tried a head massager either but judging by your expression I'd better get down to Poundland.

  8. Isn't it a bit spiky? Nothing wrong with being fashionably late! xxx

  9. Yes they did call them orgasmatrons.....I was working party plan for a girlfriends business and I did a party at a "hippy" house in Fremantle....out in the back shed they were making these New things......the orgasmatron...pretty sure they were founded and made in that shed! I bought two right then and there...Now they are mass produced original one is the copper wire and rubber tube handle...but boy did we have so many laughs out of it and it was fun to torture the babies with hehehehe.

  10. LOL-well I doubt I would look as stylish as you do while using it, but now I am rather tempted to get one! I think Matty would like it too. xoxo

  11. Baahahh! Just catching up on posts, I just laughed out really loud and scared the shit out of the cat, not literally though cos that would be too much!! :D