Tuesday 8 October 2013

Last weekend ...

It's Tuesday ... but it's kind of Monday ... because we enjoyed a looong weekend this last weekend.

School holidays are over and so things are returning back to normal around here ... well as normal as things ever get around here.

Hubby started his cricket season on Saturday ... which will get very little mention on this blog because cricket is sooooo tediously boring.  Last season I managed to avoid attending a single match ... hurrah for me!!

I feel it is my duty to advise Hubby that his return to the game is obviously a pitiful attempt at recapturing his lost youth and is clear evidence of a flourishing mid life crisis ... all he needs now is a sports car and a 20 year old secretary.  He just rolls his eyes and hobbles off ... trying very hard to disguise his tricky knee and his dodgy shoulder.

Sunday morning was spent grocery shopping.  I despise grocery shopping.  I love ALL other forms of shopping ... but I hate grocery shopping with a passion.  Though since Master 16 had kindly informed me that there wasn't a thing to eat in the house ... it was a task that could not be avoided any longer.

I did find these ...

So I figure if the ones on the right don't work for Hubby ... I'll see if the ones on the left work for me.

Then because it was such a glorious day ... and since I deserved a special treat after the horrific trauma of grocery shopping ... we went out for lunch by the water.


In other news a little parcel got delivered to me today ... I wonder what it could be.


  1. ooo 3 huge lumps of white cheese....how fabulous! That will stop the pesky kids from moaning about food....shame there's nowhere to sit and eat it though! Just got back from grocery shopping as well!!!! boooooooo!!!! x

  2. Definatly not all about grocery shop.I was reading about how being in the moment means really enjoying whatever you are doing.I set about shopping recently focusing on the beautiful produce and how delicious the things I would cook would taste.(that was after competing for a parking spot)It was all la la for about 2 minutes before rude people overtook me with their carts and surley expressions.I know... That doesn't make me very zen...so exited for your new living room set up! Yeay! Decorating is awesome fun!XO

    1. I have to agree ... there is absolutely nothing "zen like" about a supermarket ... no matter how hard we try ;0)

  3. Is it a tennis racquet? A bicycle??