Wednesday 29 August 2012

Hello and Welcome.....

Well here we are at my inaugural blog a first impression you only get to make it once.

So I guess it should be something worthwhile.....well at least somewhat worth reading.

I've had both my boys (Master 15 and Master 12) at home for most of the week, one because he's been doing a pretty good impression of a barking seal since Sunday, and the other because he didn't go to school camp and all his friends did.  It seems I somehow managed to be conned into the idea that sending him to school would serve no educational purpose and the only kids he'd have to hang with would be 2nd grade girls...and we certainly couldn't have could we.

Meanwhile Husband has managed to avoid the chaos (as usual) by scooting off to Melbourne on "business", which usually involves fancy hotels, long lunches, which turn into drinks, which turn into dinners, and usually get topped off with a round of golf to clear the head in the morning.  When I point out the discrepancies in our situations I am usually regaled with sad stories of how I don't understand how hard it is to sleep in beds other than your own....(you know the ones with those crisp, clean sheets that get made for you by someone else every morning)....and how eating out for every meal is hell for the digestion.....BOO HOO!!

There is a final touch to our domestic mayhem...the neighbours have acquired themselves a new cat.  Said cat enjoys taunting and tormenting our poor dog by daring to walk past the front door at every possible opportunity and smugly watching the resulting mania from safety behind the security screen.  Crazy dog knows he can't reach the cat, but feels honour bound to ferociously protect the household from the threat of impending attack. Just sounds like an almighty racket to of these days he'll launch himself at the screen and sail right through it...don't know who will be the most shocked...the cat or the dog.  Natural enemies I know...but can't we all just get along???

 I will finish off this, my very first blog post,with something that I have learned today....well that would be how to write a wouldn't it!!!!

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